Kerala pravasi welfare schemes for pravasi


      Non resident Indian is an Indian citizen who lives in India for less than 182 days during the course of preceding financial year or who stays outside India for the purpose of employment. The NRI people have to provide proof of Residence abroad in the form of employment details, student status and dependent visa status. According to non-resident keralites welfare fund act, some welfare schemes are developed for NRI. The schemes are family pension scheme ,pension scheme ,scheme for financial assistance to dependents of deceased member, medical treatment financial assistance, accident come death Insurance Scheme, marriage assistance ,Maternity assistance, educational assistance, housing loan ,self employment loan,etc

Our  state government introduced Pravasi pension scheme to help the lower and middle income group keralites.

 Pravasi welfare fund

The Kerala government introduced the Pravasi welfare fund that would provide welfare schemes to NRKs.

Family pension scheme

  • The member of NRI has deceased, any one of the family member shall be eligible for family pension
  • His wife ,children below 21 years, major unmarried daughter,dependent mother, father are eligible to this scheme
  • They will get 50 percentage of the eligible pension
  • If the member of pravasi welfare fund passes away  due to illness or accident any one of their family members shall be eligible to avail maximum financial assistance RS 50,000.
  • In case of NRK member deceased his family members eligible for maximum financial assistance Rs 30,000

Pension scheme

  • It is under the supervision of Kerala Pravasi welfare board 
  • people registered in the Kerala Pravasi welfare board will be eligible to get to the benefits of this scheme.
  • Non resident keralite member has to pay Rs 300 per month as a contribution.
  • Non resident keralites when returned and settled down permanently people in the state has to contribute Rs 100 per month
  • The contribution period is 5 years.
  • It was introduced in April 2018 for the benefit of citizens who have their settlements outside Kerala.
  • This scheme is not applicable for the citizens of Kerala who are already covered under state or Central government pension scheme
  • The non resident Indians  receive Rs 2,000 for a monthly pension.
  • The pension could be available at the age of 60.
  • This pension scheme is available to those who remit contributions to the welfare fund continuously up to  the age of 60.
  • This pension  scheme is available for those keralaes who repatriate from abroad for permanent settlement in Kerala. They will also get a monthly pension of Rs 2,000.
  • The people who work in India outside Kerala are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs 2,000.The membership of this scheme would cease to exist for lack of contribution for a period of one year.
  • You  can  register for this scheme  online. Visit the official website of Pravasi Kerala.
  • If you are remitted contributions continuously for more than 5 years you are eligible to get additional pension.
  • If a person who has remitted contributions continuously for three years and is unable to perform due to conditions of physical deformity they will get invalid pension. They will submit a medical certificate from the doctor .
  • Registration fees for Pravasi pension enrollment  is Rs 200.

Financial assistance for medical treatment

  • If any member suffers from critical illness they will get financial assistance upto Rs 50000 for their entire period of membership. 
  • If they received any financial assistance from Central or state government they are not eligible to get financial assistance.

Insurances Scheme

  • This scheme provided assistance in accidental death and medical treatment of members with one of the Nationalised Insurance Company.

Marriage assistance

  • Those who are members of NRK continuously and contributed to the fund for 3 years shall be eligible to get marriage assistance Rs 10000 for their two daughters.
  • It shall be payable for maximum of two times
  • One NRK member of the   family is eligible for this purpose

Maternity  Assistance 

  • This assistance is given to the female  members who have admitted contributions continuously for 2 years.
  • They  will get financial assistance Rs 3000 for meeting their Maternity expenses.
  • In case of abortion they will get a financial assistance of Rs 2,000.

Education assistance

  • Pravasi scholarship scheme for children of ZNRK belong to ECR category having worked  or   working as unskilled labour. 
  • The annual income should be less than Rs 100000
  • Scholarship granted on the basis of percentage of marks
  • In postgraduate courses ,minimum 75 percentage mark is necessary.
  • This educational assistance is giving who have continuously remitted the contributions for a minimum period of 2 years.

Housing and self employment loan assistance

  • A relief fund has to be created by the board  for the loans. In this fund the board decided to pay housing loans to the members who have remitted contributions for  5 years. 
  • These loans are available for construction of houses ,for purchase of Land,maintenance of buildings etc. 
  • A repatriated member who remitted contributions continuously for 3 year shall be eligible for obtaining interest.For self employment purposes they will give free loans.

The financial assistance of welfare schemes given to those non-resident keralites who could not become members of the fund due to age restriction. Financial assistance offers medical treatment giving up to a maximum of Rs 10000 for common diseases,up to Rs 25,000 for critical illness.

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