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ILGMS -Submit applications online to panchayat

      A panchayat is a very important  institution in Indian villages. It is a political institution  acting as the cabinet of a village.Grama panchayat is the lowest level of panchayat raj institutions. The grama panchayat is divided into wards. Each ward is represented  by a member.He is directly elected by villagers. The gramPanchayat is chaired by the president  of the village. Where 5 years election takes place and select the members.

       We go into the panchayat,village office  for a lot of needs. One thing is only possible by going up and down a lot of is a big problem. We come here for certificates and documents for very small purposes. But now most of the things we can apply for online.All services in panchayat  are available online. So we can apply for all the services in the panchayat online.

     We can visit ILGMS website for all panchayat related services. 

ILGMS (integrated local governance management system)

  •  This software is being implemented in 25 grama panchayats in the Kannur district. 
  • This technology informs the outside world about the tourist destinations of our state. 
  • And it included photos of tourist destinations.
  •  It helps to  speed up Administrative services in our state.
  • It included 100day  action plan of our state government.
  • We can submit complaints and applications online without going to Panchayat and 
  • village.
  • It helps that services could be made faster.
  • It provides services efficiently to the public.
  • This scheme is designed to ensure greater responsibility, clarity, accuracy ,punctuality and Technical supervision in the delivery of services to local bodies.
  • Under the scheme services are made available to us online in a timely manner.
  •  Its services are available to the customer through his inbox and via Email.
  • The file processing is web based and we can track the progress of our application.
  • We can pay the application fees online.
  • Do not be required to visit the panchayat office for any services. 
  • The receipt as part of the service will be delivered to the the portal account or email
  • It helped higher officers of the panchayat to monitor the performance of staff and identify the pendency of applications.
  • The citizens create an account for availing themselves of the services.
  • 213 services are available on ILGMS.
  • Birth registration ,marriage registration, death registration, building, ownership,residential certificates, BPL , social security pension, licences, permission for industries, commercial establishment,  farms, Hospitals, complaints on tax assessment are available through this section.
  • Citizen portal does not offer this service.

How to create an account

  • Visit  the official website.
  • Click the register button
  • Select the public or  institution option
  • If it is a public option you have to create the account by providing the aadhar information.
  • Select the public option and enter the aadhar  details.
  • Confirm public registration  is done.
  • Once the account is created, you will get a temporary ID and password . You should enter your phone number  and email ID.
  • Then type it in the login section. You should  create  a password. 
  •  Enter all  information about your house such as house name , location. 
  • You should select the districtt,panchayat,post office.
  • You can select a druthà certificate and you can see the options of downloading a birth certificate ,death certificate and  marriage certificate etc.
  • You can select the e file option to submit new applications.
  • Here you can see the detailed description about how to submit each application.
  • You can select the option and fill in the information.
  • You can upload the required documents and submit them at the time of submission of applications.
  • You can pay the fees online.
  • You can change and resubmit the applications also.
  • It is  web based . So you can track the progress of your application.

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