Excited..or tensed..? Whatever the emotion is,we know that  the die-hard cricket fan in you is counting the minutes to watch the match of this year, the match between the legendary rivals of the cricket world.Few more minutes are left to start the ICC world cup final 2023 between India and Australia. For the sportsman in you today we have come up with exciting information which may make your online streaming of the cricket match will become a super fun and wonderful experience. 

If you are unable to see the match of the year on tv then don’t worry we are going to give you the list of applications which are reliable to watch without losing a ball or wicket. So the first and foremost important part in watching a live streaming of the world cup final is the selection of an appropriate yet reliable app. Following is the list of apps chosen by our techies for an unforgettable watching experience

  • Hotstar : No need of introduction.  one of the famous live streaming applications with a strong fan base.
  • ESPN : For those who don’t want to miss a single word of the commentators of the match rightly famous for its detailed commentary along with streaming.
  • Cricket Australia Live : Our rivals for the match today but ideal for watching live streaming with HD quality and smooth viewing experience. 

Make up your mind about the application on which you will watch the finals..? then the next important thing not to kill the fun is ensuring good connectivity which offers better speed. Choose a stable internet connection. If you are watching using mobile data then have a look at the daily data allowance to make sure the left over data is enough for live streaming. But it will be better to watch the streaming with wi-fi if you have access to the same.

Following are the steps to ensure a smooth viewing experience for our subscribers.

step 1 

Choose the application from the list below and download it from the Play Store in case of Android users or from App store in case of iOS users. Make sure the version you are downloading is an updated version to avoid unnecessary buffering and streaming difficulties. 

  • Hotstar
  • ESPN
  • Cricket Australia Live 

Step 2 

Subscribe or Avail a free trial. 

If you are a new user then you might get a chance to watch the final with free trial offers without taking a subscription. If you are already a user then don’t forget to subscribe. 

Step 3 

Check the Internet Connection

Before jumping into the live streaming make sure the speed and smoothness of your internet connection. Once you have started watching the match you will get irritated so fastly because of the buffering and all which spoils your watching experience. So make sure of the mobile data allowance or move into a wi-fi zone.

Step 4 

Make the Preparations. 

What if you are watching the match from your mobile and not from the stadium, preparations are necessary..right.. ? Wear your favourite team jersey with a fully packed space of popcorn and juices. Enjoy each ball with spirit and be a foodie..

Step 5 

Start Streaming

Open the app a few minutes ahead of the match. Find the match from the live sports section of the application where the world cup final between India and Australia will be listed.. obviously.😁

Step 6 

Enjoy Additional Features

Many of the apps provide their subscribers with additional features like live commentary, rewind and slow mode, chatting with other cricket fans etc. You can explore these options to make the match a favourite experience.

Step 7 

Always make sure of the charge in your mobile. Stay fully charged before the starting of the match to avoid interruptions.

Step 8 

Don’t miss High lights.

If you missed some moments of the match then you can watch it later with the highlights of the match provided by the app. Replay options of the match are also available. 

But we will certainly advise you not to miss a single ball of today’s is going to be the match of the year..

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