A rent  agreement of a house is a legal contract between the landlord and tenant for a period of time. It is renewable every 11 months as per the time frame mentioned in the contract. Any rental agreement for more than one year needs to be registered. Rs 1100 is charged for rent agreement registration. Stamp duty is also added with this amount. Stamp duty charges for a period of time. Stamp duty charges for a property for up to 5 years  2 percent and 3 percent for 5 to 10 years. Rent agreement includes the duration of the rent  period , monthly rent, security deposit , penalty for late payment of rent , additional charges like maintenance ,water ,gas and Society, provision of parking, any damage or repair charges, rights of landlord and tenant.

       You can register a house rent agreement easily. You should register for a rent agreement. It needs original documents of ownership, detailed rental agreement printed on stamp paper duly signed by the tenant and landlord. Signature of two witnesses passport size of photo of tenant, landlord and witnesses. Valid ID proof is also mandatory. You should submit all these documents to the sub registrar office.

        You can register for a rent agreement online. It is a very popular method. You should fill the required details on a pre approved template. Submit a copy of Aadhar Card and another id proof. Then making an online payment includes stamp duty ,registration charges, service charges etc. After a few days, the registered rent agreement will be delivered to your house.

        Rent agreement is used  as a protection,  if the tenant defaults in any way. You can use it in a court of law. The tenant can get the benefit from the provision that is defined that can only be raised in compliance with the agreement after 1 year. It needs a copy of the address proof of the tenant and owner. bank passbook, passport ,ration card , driving licence as address proof. There are  mainly two types of rent agreement in our country. Lease agreement gives the tenant an exclusive possession of the property for a predefined  time period.

         It gives power to the tenant to make changes to the property. According to leave and licence agreement the possession of the property and legal ownership remains with the licensor.  Tenant does not have much control over the property. You should check some important things in the rent agreement. They are full details of parties, amount details of monthly rent along with security deposit and maintenance charges, landlord rights, permission for pets, terms of Tenancy ,penalty if the rent gets delayed.

      Non registration stamp has Rs can make rent agreement for 11 months. You can do two types of rental  agreement  two can register  in sub registrar office and non registrar type. It should include  name, address,advance, time period,electricity,  water charge,maintenance, etc.30 days gap mentioned for leaving the house after the period. Tenants will get gas connection,  telephone  connection, personal  loan with this rent agreement only. 

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