Importance of maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens act

Senior citizen act was enacted to provide financial security welfare and the protection of senior citizens. It requires children to provide maintenance for their parents. The government provided old age homes and ensured medical care for seniors. The Senior Senior Citizen act 2007 provides more effective provisions for maintenance and welfare of parents and the senior citizens. This Act was enacted to provide financial security,welfare and the protection for senior citizens.Many senior citizens are unaware of legal rights to reclaim property transferred to children.Under senior citizen act they may gift their property to child. This act may be called maintenance and welfare of senior citizens act 2007. A senior citizen who is unable to maintain himself from his earnings shall be entitled to make an application in case of a parent against one or more of his children not being a minor or a childless against his relative referred to in clause of section 2. The obligation of the children to maintain senior citizens extended to the needs of citizens. It provided that more than one relative inherited the property of senior citizens in which they would inherit property.

The senior citizen act will be attracted if the Transfer of Property by the senior citizen was subject to a condition of providing basic amenities to him. A petition was filed by senior citizen women alleging that her son and daughters are not keeping her. It allowed the petition and declared the release deed null and void. Senior citizens are important pillars of a society. We are almost there to promote and protect the Welfare of senior citizens. To give them a society in which they feel secure. The maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizen act 2007 contains various provisions for the Welfare and protection of senior citizens.

It gives appropriate mechanisms to provide maintenance to the parents and senior citizens. To provide better medical facilities to the senior citizens. Provide protection of life of older persons and setting old age homes in every district. It provides addiction maintenance and welfare to the senior citizen. This act provided inexpensive and speedy procedures to claim and monthly maintenance for senior citizens. A senior citizen unable to maintain himself from his earnings he owns can receive maintenance under Section 5 of senior citizen act. It is a duty of the children to maintain senior citizens to fully fill their needs. Relative has to pay maintenance if he has a possession that will inherit the property of the senior citizen. If more than one relative inherits senior citizens property the maintenance gets payable in proportion.

If the children don’t take care of a senior citizen they have the right to seek assistance from the Tribunal. They can file the application themselves. When the senior citizen cannot apply, any other person can file the application. After receiving an application that Tribunal issues a notice to the respondent. The application for maintenance gets disposed of within 90 days from the date of service of notice. Tribunal can extend the time for a maximum of 30 days after recording the reason.

Now most of the houses are nuclear children avoid their parents. So now this act is very important. Senior citizens are above 60 years old parents. Senior citizens should be able to pursue opportunities for full development of potential and educational, cultural, spiritual and recreational resources of society. They should be able to live in dignity and security. They have the rights to be free to exercise civil rights under the laws. They have the right to dignity and respect, designated guardians, communicate and complain regarding the right to privacy and participation in activities.Senior citizens have travel support from the government. Banks provide extra interest to the senior citizens. They will get a deduction from the health schemes.


1, Food, house,safety, security, welfare health and the clothing for parents who cannot to protect themselves
2, Father, mother, grandparents included in this act.

There is a maintenance tribule in every district to protect the senior citizens. An RDO officer is the maintenance officer in every district . you can approach them directly. Submitted an application to them. It is punishable by embarrassment for 6 months and a fine of Rs 10000.According to section 23, they can cancel the written documents. Senior citizens have special units in the police stations.


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