How to watch 180 television  channels for free,C band dish


      Today I would like to inform you about how to watch 180 TV  channels for free. TV is a common thing in all our homes. Now that it’s  locked  down, almost everyone will be in front of the television. At first we were watching TV with a cable connection. But now they charge almost all the channels.

       So usually we  avoid these charging channels. It’s almost our favourite channel. But we can watch more than 30 Malayalam channels for free. Let’s see how it works.It’s a simple trick.

       We can make a C band dish for a little cash.we will get a good signal from this . It would be permitted both to Indian as well as foreign satellites. It is used for satellite download for broadcast television  distribution.  Its transmission is very well known  and it has well established  safety also.

        It has  less interference from rain fading. It has 1 cable  solution LLV. We should install this in an open area. We will get vertical ,horizontal signals. It is a solid 6ft dish. It is very useful for us. We will get 180 channels through this dish.

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