How to use google pay account

In this Technology world, Google pay account has more priority. We are paying 90% of cash through mobile, for which it is important to learn online cash transfer. There are many ways to transfer money through Google pay.    1, Firstly, we have to install the Google pay app from play store. Then, we need to register with our account number. After the process, we can see the QR code scanning options. Therefore, we can pay while scanning the shops barcode.
2, Other option available is pay contacts, if their contacts is in our phone, we can pay directly or to groups
3, if their contacts is not in our phone, we can pay through other option like pay phone number

4, If the person doesn’t have GPAY account, we can pay to that person through bank transfer
5, Other option is pay UPI ID, if we know there UPI ID, which is best option for payment is suitable for companies.
6, if we have two accounts in our GPAY and we want to transfer the money from one to another account, for which best option is Self-transfer
7, If we want to pay our bills of electricity, cable or other things, for which we can done the payment through pay bills

GPAY account allows secure transaction to occur through your existing credit card without any personal data. This account offers best rewards, promotions and games also available
If we want to book any food or transport facility,which is a best online platform.

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