How to use drum stick leaves  to hair growth 

          Today I want to share with you about how to use drum stick leaves to hair growth.Drumstick leaves are the sources of vitamin A,C, calcium, protein, iron,etc.Drumstick leaves are used for treating hair loss, and it reduces dandruff. It contains vitamin B6,folic acid and biotin. It prevent hair loss. 

       It improve the blood circulation of hair follicles. It contains minerals such as zinc and silica .It stimulating hair growth  and preventing dandruff and hair loss. It can be used to cleanse the scalp and hair. Drumstick leaves improves hair growth.Drumstick leaves  helps to restore the lost vitamins .

 Boiled  and cooled water should be used for grinding  the drumstick leaves in the mixi.

Let’s we can see how to make drum stick juice.

        Take  one cup of drum stick leaves. Add boiled and cooled water.We can use fenugreek  water to it.After that filter it.Apply the oil well on the scalp.Apply this juice to the scalp and hair.After 20 minutes wash with normal water.

       It helps to strengthen  our hair.It help to shining the hair.We can use thrice weekly.

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