How to unlock your android phone using formatting

Mobile locks are very important to ensure phone security. You can use a password, PIN or pattern for locking phones.Since your phone holds all your important information, make sure to protect your phone. It helps to increase the security on your phone. You can use different types of screen lock types. They are fingertip identification, face recognition, pattern or pin. It helps to secure your android phone. It is the single easiest way to stop the efforts of thieves to steal your personal information. You can usually lock your smartphone by using a screen saver.Modern lock screen is an evolution of the old login screen. It helps to stop a person from using your device.

Lock screens can also provide quick information without the need to unlock our device. It offers an important extra layer of secuto your phone. It helps to secure your phone. If someone takes your device they can’t access the data on your device without entering a password. It helps to prevent others from using your device without your permission.

Your device will lock automatically when untouched for a long time. Most Smartphones have an option to increase thecspeed ofvyour device locks on its own. You should avoid consecutive numbers. Many devices have an option to set a pattern lock. Some people have had to guess patterns rather than passcodes. Because it cannot possibly be personalized. Some patterns are just simple shapes which are easy to guess. But simple patterns can be easy for a stranger. Always choose a complicated shape for your password. And always enter it quickly.

Most of the devices have the ability to decide how many times a person can guess your password. Just imagine having your phone stolen without it being locked. The thieves will access your bank account,emails, phone numbers of your friends and family.

If you have failed to unlock your phone 5 times you will get a message pop up. Tap it and Google account details. You will get an email with your new unlock code. If you have forgotten your pattern pin or password you can open it easily. Most phones have an option to use biometric to login. You can use a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition software.

You can use Google find my device option to open it. You will need to login to your Google account. This mother is useful for modern devices only. And you will also need the location turned on. Click on the device and click on secure device. Tap the device and you will be able to set up a new password.

You can use the Smart Lock feature on Android phones. It helps to open without a password. It must be enabled before you lose your pin. You can use the forgotten pattern feature. You can selected it and your Google account details

We can format or reset your device easily. If there is any hidden application or heat your device,given to others you can format your device without help of other softwares.It is a good solution to unlock the android phone.

How to format the device easily
Samsung mobile

. Switch off the mobile phone
. Press the power button and volume up button for 5 seconds
. Release the power button.
. Continuously press the volume button.
. Press volume down button, select the settings using power button.
. Select wipe data and factory reset option.
Restart the screen.
. You can use this method to format the Redmi mobile also.

Infinix phones

. press power button and volume up button
. Release power button
. It does not have any other option.
. Press the power button, then press volume button.
. Select the option
. Restart it.


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