How to unlock the smartphone while forget the password 


       Everyone uses mobile phones. But most of them lock the mobile with different  passwords. Password is used to log in to the mobile application. You will rarely need to enter a password in the applications.  Because it normally runs in the background. You should enter the password  whenever you access the application.  Passwords provide extra protection  and security  for mobile phones and all applications. Sometimes we forget the Android lock screen password. So you have to factory  reset your device.There is no way to recover the photos,contacts,etc.There are two ways to factory reset .You can use Google find my device option. Next is android’s recovery mode.

            You should know the Google account and password. If You do not know your Google account  and password, the phone will be permanently  locked. Screen locks of smartphones are important to keep the contents of your mobile phone private. If you forget your pass code,you can locked out your device. You should type how do I unlock my android phone without pin. It is used to feature 4 digit pass codes.  If you are recall with four digit code,it has different  length. It helps to remember  the passcode. You can uses your muscle memory to remember  the password. 

             You can set up a smart lock in your smartphone before forgetting the password. It is in a security  location  in the settings. You should give the current  lock password.  You will get 5 options to unlock your mobile without  password. First one is body detection. Phone senses that you are carrying  automatically  stays unlocked. You can use the location. 

          You can connect to a trusted Bluetooth device like a can use facial recognition  .And also you can use voice to unlock your phone. If you are set up these options before forgot the password you can use it to get back your phone

Do not depend on the mobile shops to unlock the mobile phone. We can clear it easily.

How to unlock the smartphone while forgetting  the password

  • First switch off the phone.
  •  Then remove the SIM card and memory card. 
  • We can unlock the pattern without a password.
  • Remove SIM card and memory card . 
  • Switch off the smartphone. 
  • Then press the power button,volume button,and menu button one time continuously. 
  • After some time our phone will be switched on. 
  •  You can see an option to restore.
  •  You can select the option  and click the power button to restore  .
  • After restore click the start button. Then click the next button. 
  • Then enter the email and password and click the finish  button.
  •  It helps to unlock the phone while forgetting the password.  

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