How to unlock locked phone without password


       We all use mobile phones. It is very important  in our life. It facilitates us in our way of life.we use mobile phones for a variety of purposes. It has the ability to keep in touch with family, business,and friends.  We can receive calls,store data,take pictures, etc. Mobile phone reception has improved greatly  due to the use of satellites and wireless services. 

      It is the perfect way to stay connected  with other people. We can use mobile phones to access the internet, sending and receiving photos and files,GPRS technology, etc. But sometimes going as a phone lock is a major problem. It also causes us to forget the password after locking the phone.

     Today we can see how to unlock locked mobile phones.normally we use pattern and pin locks. Sometimes the password may change when children pick up the mobile and play. Therefore the phone cannot be unlocked.Today I am sharing with you a knowledge that will be useful at this time.

     If your phone is locked,  you can change it at home. Each  mobile phone is unlocked  in its style.we can open it easily. We need software.  It is called Dr.Fone software.  Install this software. Open the software. 

     We can recover files, transfer files, and restore  files through  this application. Select the unlock option. Connect the mobile phone with laptop using a the unlock option and click android screen.  We can unlock mobile phones without loss of data. 

    Click the unlock button. Press the power and volume button. Automatically MI on  and off. They give instructions  according to our mobile. 

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