How to treat heartburn

               Heartburn is a disease that affects everyone. Today I want to share with you  about heartburn. Acid and stomach contents back up into oesophagus is called heartburn.It has no major complications  .We get temporary relief but it will happen again.

          Some peoples have loosen the valve between  the stomach and oesophagus. Due to increased pressure of the stomach the acids of stomach will come up.We can treat this acid reflux easily. 

                Sometimes we have to take this acidity seriously.Acids of stomach will come up and make injuries to the oesophagus. We experience pain and burning sensation when we swallow food. Some people may have narrowed oesophagus. Some peoples may have bleeding from the oesophagus. It may be a chance to become cancer.


Alarm symptoms

Vomiting blood




If you have this symptoms ,Endoscopy is essential  to check the oesophagus.




Vomiting blood 

            Life style needs to be changed. Avoid foods that cause heartburn.Avoid fatty foods. Avoid steamed foods.Avoid coffee,chocolates, Avoid smoking completely.  Go to bed 3 hours after eating. Do not wear tight clothes while lying down.Raise the head of the bed while lying down. 


Tight the loosen part of the oesophagus  through Surgery.We get permanent solution. 

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