How to take temporary  electricity  connection  from KSEB.


    Electricity  is  very important  in our life. It is the flow of electrical charge. It is a secondary energy  source, we need Electricity  for all mechanisms. We need Electricity  for powering computers, air conditioners, computers, lights,soldering irons,and mobiles. It is a part of modern life. 

      We cannot think of a world without Electricity. It is used for working fans, lighting bulbs and  Operating domestic  appliances. These things are very comforting  to the world. Large machines are also worked with the help of Electricity. Now transportation and communications have also been revolutionized by it. It provides most popular forms of entertainments 


    Starting with our house Electricity is very important  for Operating  all home appliances. We can take an electricity connection from KSEB easily. Now a new Electricity connection is getting through online. No need to visit KSEB offices to get new connections. Apply online and they will come to your house. 

     It will help to get connections easily. While applying  online,we can complete  the application  process and submit all documents and  pay the amount .Those people who do not have an internet connection can apply through  Akshay centers. 

    The Electricity  department  grants temporary Electricity connection to an applicant for the purpose of construction  of the building. These connections are used to release only for special  periods depending  on type of use. 

     We need three documents for Electricity  connection for temporary  connection.  Landtax,aadhar card ,possession certificate,passport size photo.  We will get a possession certificate  from the Village office through Akshay centers. You should mention kseb in the possession certificate. 

     We need a temporary  fittings to the temporary  connection. A box,fuse carrier, plugs, switches, ELCB device. We can buy these board fittings from shops. We make a stand and roof and place it on our land. You should contact an electrician  and give it to them . They will prepare an application  and plan and give it to should submit to the Electricity  sectional office.

       An officer comes to your house for verification  and gives a report to the office.then we can pay the amount for temporary  Electricity  connection. We will get connected. It is called a 6 F connection. We can use this temporary  connection  only for building,ding purposes.  Do not take temporary connections  from domestic connections. Sometimes  it needs consent from neighbours. 

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