How to take adhar card for kids – Documents, how to apply – educational information


      Adhar card is a 12 digit unique number. It can be obtained by citizens of India.It gets based on biometric and demographic data.The data is collected by UIDAI .AAdhar is the world’s largest biometric ID can be used as proof of Residence, identity proof.It is linked to some public subsidy and unemployment  benefits schemes such as LPG.The subsidy money is directly transferred to aadhar linked  bank account. The Ministry of petroleum and natural gas hoped the ID system would  help to eliminate  loss of subsidized kerosene and LPG.Aadhar enabled biometric attendance system introduced  in government  offices.Aadhar is mandatory for passport holders.The people with aadhar card would get their passport within 10 days. 

       Now aadhar card linking to SIM cards. EPFO began linking provident fund accounts with aadhaar numbers. Adhar should  be mandatory  for men to create files on matrimonial websites. Election commission links the electors photo ID card with aadhar number. Adhar number  linked to ration card also.In 2020,UIDAI introduced a PVC aadhar card with holograms,micro text,etc.After 1 year,you can apply for aadhar card.

How to get aadhar card for children 

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  • Register for Baal aadhar card online.
  • Click the aadhar card registration page.
  • Fill in the required information like the child’s name,phone number, email.
  • Fill demographic information. 
  • Click the fix appointment  tab.
  • set a date for registering. 
  • Submit form with birth certificate. Save acknowledgement slip.

      A child under the age of 5 years ,doesn’t have biometric information. When these children reach five and 15,update the biometrics.Many schools ask for aadhar number of kids during admission. Adhar can be applied for any age.


  • Birth certificate 
  • Adhar of one of the parent
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof of parent.

       Biometrics are not developed for children under five years. It can be added once the child reaches 5 years.When the child is above 5 years,update their biometrics including fingers,iris,photo .you can register  ball adhar offline also.

How to register bal adhar offline 

  • Visit the nearest Akshay center.
  • Fill the relevant form .
  • Submit the form along with birth certificate and aadhar card of parent.
  • After the verification,the child photograph will be taken.
  • save the acknowledgement slip.
  • you will get a text message  within 60 days.

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