How to survey a land

              Land surveying is a technique determining the three-dimensional positions of points ,angles and distances between them . Land is measured by a land surveyor.

They are used to establish maps and boundaries for locations, ownership and building corner of surface location of subsurface and purpose of for property sales.

       Land surveyors use theodolite, retroflectors, 3D scanners, handheld tablets ,digital levels, drones, surveying software, locator etc. The planning of most forms of construction require land survey. It is an important tool for research in many scientific disciplines. These points are used to create boundaries. It  used to establish land maps. 

           Before buying  a land important to get a collector land survey. Surveying will help you to know about the land and avoid issues in the future. Boundaries are the natural or artificial separation of two properties. Natural boundaries are in nature. eg: river . Artificial boundaries are created by human being by written documents. A survey will provide information on the property and the lines of possession. 

        It  is easy to see how many cents the land we have . Metre tape is used to measure the material .  If the land is square shaped you can easily measuring it. Measure the four sides and write them .

 eg :  square shaped  land

Length      11, 12   average 11.50 

width           8 ,9 average   8.50 

11.50 ×  8.50 =   97.75 ÷ 40.47 =  2.41 cent  

If the land is not a proper shape, it should be made into triangles. Then you should see the area of a triangle. Mark the triangles  A, B,C 

Triangle area = Root of s(s-a)(s-b)s-c)

S= a + b + c 


Divide the given number by 40.47. After we get the area of all Triangles, add them, we get how many cents.

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