How to store vegetables in fridge

              Fridge is a home appliance consisting of thermally insulation and heat pump transfer heat from its inside to external environment. We can use fridges for keeping things cool. We put food, drinks, vegetables,  leaves in it. It keeps things unspoiled for a long time. 

        Carrots,potatoes, cabbage,should be stored in plastic bag.Mushrooms are best to store in paper bag.Vegetables should be stored in different part.It will prevent ripening too fast.

       Moisture in the fridge can cause lose the crisp texture.Fridge veggie drawer absorb excess moisture  and keep the freshness of vegetables. Keep washed and dried greens in reusable bags.

       We can use many fruits and vegetables  in room temperature. If we refrigerated,it will get cold damage. Onions garlic,should not stored in fridge. All cut vegetables  should be used within 2 to 3 days.

     Green leaves lose their freshness quickly.So keep the leaves in bags filled with a little air. We can store carrots in dry .

          We can store banana for long time .Separate the banana and store.It will decrease the speed of ripening. Vegetables should be washed and dried before keep in the fridge. Keep the vegetables in paper bags separately. It will keep the vegetables  freshly.

Tomatoes  do not need to be stored in the fridge.Just put the tomatoes upside down.Lemon can be taken one by one wrapped in paper and stored in the fridge. 

Clean the ginger  ,dried and put it in a box  and keep in the freezer.Remove the green chilli stalks and store in an air tight box. Malli leaves wash and dried well.cut and use in an air tight bag. 

Curry leaves separate and put it  in a box and keep it in the fridge.

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