How to start paper bag manufacturing business and earn high profits

Paper bags are made with paper. It is made from chemical pulp manufactured in a craft process. Brown color paper bags are available from every retail outlet. These types of paper bags are made from craft paper.Paper bags are made from a variety of papers. They differ in their quality, color, print and texture. Recycled papers are also used to make paper bags. Paper bags are commonly used in packaging. Paper bags are commonly used to cover food items, medical use, jewelry, packaging, party bags, shopping bags and general purposes also. Many countries banned single use plastic bags. So all companies want to pack their goods in paper bags. These bags are biodegradable and recyclable material. Paper bag making business is a good opportunity to make profits.

If you want to start a paper bag business you should make a business plan. You should mention logistics, funding and other details. Marketing plan included demographic study and thorough details of marketing. You should select the marketing places like bakeries, sweet shops,restaurants, retail outlets, Jewelers, groceries,mobile shops,cloth merchants and bakeries. Try to reduce the distribution channels. You should visit a paper bag manufacturing unit to learn more about it.

It is a small scale business. So it needs minimum investment. First you have to plan and invest in land, machinery and labor. Fully automatic paper bag making machine has Rs 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs. It can produce around 15000 pieces per hour. Semi automatic paper bag making machine has RS 3 lakhs. The production capacity of this machine is lower than a full automatic machine.

You can start this business from your home also. You will only need a trade license for this business. If you are planning a bigger business, you first register your company with ROC. You can apply for a trade license with Municipal authorities. To manufacture paper bags you will need BIS certification. GST number,PAN card, current account number of the company is required.

You should choose a location for your manufacturing unit. A semi-urban area is most suitable for this business. Manufacturing space of around 2000 square feet will be sufficient for this business. Automatic machines are easy to operate. You have to put paper rolls in the machine. It makes the bags automatically. Automatic machines can produce 60 kgs of paper bags in an hour.

Different types of machines are available in the market. Without printing and with printing machines are available. Without a printing machine you can only make plane bags. With a printing machine you can print designs. Most people want to use paper bags. This business is very profitable in our country.It has a high marketing strategy. It doesn’t need any type of courses.Everyone can start this business. Women can start this business. You will get loan facilities to start this business.

You can register through kudumbasree at the kerala bank.You will get loan upto Rs 1 can make paper bags without a can contact ward member of your panchayat.It needs pencil, scale, gum, and paper. We can make for our own uses. Creasing machine is needed to make paper bags for business. 3 types of machines are available in the market.Different colors of craft papers are available.Black, red, blue, yellow, indian craft, imported craft materials are can maske piece work business.

You should mention the rate of a bag.check the number of pieces of papers in a bundle. Check the rate of one paper. Check the rate of Handle, gum,electricity, labor,and profit. If you succeed in marketing you will be a good entrepreneur.Alwasys select a variety of new trending has no risks.


Manual powered maschine
Semi automatic machine
Automatic machine

You can select as your requirements. If you want to make bigger business, v bottom machines, gum machines are available.

Raw materials

Craft papers
Ilet/ punching machines

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