How to start Corrugated  box business  – how to start, requirements 


     We can find the solution  for a problem in our life.Now most of the people are in trouble.  Because of financial difficulties.  Covid 19 affected all people’s lives. It has affected the livelihoods of all people so everyone is wondering what to do next.we can think about how to start a business. It may also be for you if your dream of nine to five for the last time and becoming your own boss. First you should study the ideas of business. 

     Find a good business  idea that works for you.write your business  plan and fund your business. Choose a business  structure. Registering  your business .Business is the process of earning  profit through manufacturing  of goods,reselling products, providing  services etc.It requires skills and experience to make maximum profit  from it.

     Business needs a regular activity to make profit. The purpose of business is maximising should create the utility of things. An investment  amount is necessary  to start a business.Victory of a business  depend on the satisfaction  of consumers.

      You can start a business with your professional  skills.Otherwise you can buy goods from wholesale markets from low price  and selling it at higher price to retailers. We can make profit from production  of goods.It helps a person to become self independent.It makes an impact to the society.  It helps to create  an identity .you should take right decisions  on right time.  It helps to make a huge benefit  from your business. 

      Today we can see how to make corrugated box business. Corrugated boxes are made up of thick paper stock.It is made up of three layers of materials.  That are inside liner,outside liner and medium liner. Corrugated bore are popular because  of its strength, lightness and cost effectiveness.It is used to shipping various items. Mainly these packets are used in food industry,pharmacy,diary products, fruits, courier services,textiles,automobile  etc.

      We need a legal requirement  for this business.    We will get above 50 % profit  from this business. We need Corrugated cardboard raw paper for this business. It needs an investment.  We will get a lot of profit  from this  business. These box are 4 types. Single phase,single wall, double  wall,triple wall. 

          We can see how to make corugated boxes. flute making,cutting,bending,stapled are the process of Corrugated box production.  We needs 5 types of machines.  The machines are stapler Machine, printing machine, edge cutting  machine,cutting  machine board making machines are the required  machines.We need 25 lakhs investment for this business.  We will get 15 lakh profit per month.

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