How to start an Innovative business  with low investment 


      Every person wants to start a business with low investment. One of the biggest motivations for starting a business is being your own Boss. It gives you freedom to work as you want. This is the dream life many people hope to live one day and thanks to great business ideas. It helps to achieve a lifestyle that is well within your reach. Choosing Entrepreneurship and working on finding great business ideas is without a doubt more risky than a job. You should sacrifice a lot for a business. You are reaping the lifestyle benefits of being your own   boss and hustling your way into making more money with your business idea than you could at your day job. It needs hard work also. You can start a business idea with low investment.

We can see some Innovative businesses that start at low investment. 

  1. Home tutoring service

           Home tutoring service is the best option for starting a business. Depending on the type of tutoring the cost of tutoring per hour can vary. Rates are usually based on the tutors experience, type of tutoring, amount of time spent with your student,etc. A lot of children are struggling in a particular subject from covid-19 ,because they miss their school. Hiring a tutor can be hugely beneficial. Tutoring provides valuable time for children,regular sessions of classes .It gives the children an opportunity to work through assignments ,homeworks,stay organised ,learn how to plan ahead, and prepare for tests. First you should create a plan for your business. Determine the services you will offer and set your prices. Advertise your home tutoring services. Home tutoring is a flexible business.

       You can offer it online. You can easily do this business part time. This business has led to an increase in demand for tutors who can stimulate the minds of gifted students and it helps to assist students with their studies outside the classroom. Students are faced with growing competition in every field. Starting a home tutoring business is an excellent idea for teachers to earn extra money while helping students achieve their dreams.

        You should research about the competitors that will allow you to craft a better business plan. Your strength will help you to determine the extent of services. Setting the price for your service is a crucial step.your market research helps to make the best pricing decision. Advertising your services is one of the most important parts of this business. You should invest in advertising to grow your business.

      The quality of your service will determine the success of your business. Give attention to your work and the problems you are facing. It will help to eliminate hurdles, and  improve the quality of service. Academic tutoring has high demand in the market because of expectations placed on can start a home tutoring service in city can start it offline and can start individually and institutionally. 

2.second hand clothes business 

      You can start a second hand clothing business. Used clothing stores offer high profit margins in the market. These types of stores tend to thrive during periods of slow economic growth. You should make an effective plan for this business. First you should research about this business. Create your brand and set up a shop for your business. Maintain a storage system. Starting a second hand clothes business is a different idea. Many entrepreneurs are looking to start their own business on resale disruptors. You can sell these clothes offline and online.

       This business offers a high profit margin. You need to determine who you want to target. You will design a marketing plan and position your business. You have many options for special icing this business idea. You can find a cutting edge fashion market for those interested in trends. The Internet provides you with the chance to build capital and recognition before opening a store.

      You can collect second hand clothes of children from homes,refurbished and sell them to the markets.  It is a branded outlet marketing. You can sell it at a low should collect it  organized .


        You can start a business with the nutraceuticals. It offers a variety of health products derived from food sources. They are nutritional powder,pills ,Skin care oils, tablets to promote hair growth etc. First you should apply for registration under fssai. It is necessary for sale and purchase of food, dietary and nutritional supplements. Then select a third party manufacturer. Nutraceuticals is a functional food for consumers. It contains antioxidants,dietary supplements, citrus fruits ,vitamins ,minerals, cereals ,milk,fortified  dairy products etc.

         You can start a hub and penetrate the homes. You should provide classes on the importance of these nutrients. Most people  concentrate on their health.  So you can start it with low investment. Common people can venture into these types of businesses.  These businesses are not 100 % guaranteed.  You should have a hard working, involvement ,and positive attitude to these businesses.  A strong desire helps to improve the standard of businesses. 

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