How to start a profitable  business  at home 


      Do you want to start a new business? Starting  a new business  is a very important  time in your life. It is not the end of your journey. You still need to make sure it grows and stays healthy by making regular  investments. If you don’t invest  money into your business, it will definitely fail. You start  your business  with a plan for inversions.Not all businesses need heavy capital.we can start small.l business with low investment. You may have a lot of ideas in your mind,but a business needs proper direction  and you decide to switch plans. And also it needs determination and confidence.

      Today we can see some profitable  business  starting  at home. We can start  this business from waste products. First one is the paper shredding business.collect an old papers and shredding them with the help of a shredding  machine. We will get shredded  paper. These papers can be used  for parcels of fruits, vegetables, and gifts.These papers are used with thermocol . It gives a cushioning effect to the products. We can sell these materials  at Rs 30/kg.  The price of raw material is Rs 8. We will get Rs 22 profit from this business.  We can make 200 kg /day.  The value of the machine started from Rs 25,000.we can sell through  online and local markets. 

      Paper shredding is a wonderful business opportunity to establish a profitable  business. We can start this business by knowing the current  players in the market.Firstly create a business  plan. Two individuals  are needed for this business.  One person does the marketing  and finds new businesses looking for this service and the other can perform other activities. 

        Another business  idea is mango seed oil business  .we can make oil from mango seed. It has a high demand  in the market.  Because  it is used in the cosmetic industry.  We can make 1 liter seed oil from 3 kg  mango has an exciting  price. It gives high effects on skin and hair. It has high marketing . It is a seed oil that is extracted from the seed of the mango fruit. It is used  to make baby creams,suncare creams,hair products, and moisturizing products. It doesn’t negatively impact  the skin or hair. It is widely used in the food industry, cosmetics, etc.Most of the people do not know its importance. 

       You can collect mango seeds and make mango seeds oil . Dry mango seeds and make oil. Machineries  are available  for this business. We can start this business  with low investment. It is a very profitable  business.  We can sell it online.

      Next business is making carpets with old clothes. It is a very profitable  business.  We can start to make carpets with different colors of clothes. We can start a new brand  of carpets with consistency.  It doesn’t need investment.  We can sell it to the supermarket and online. 

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