How to start a mobile  business  with Rs 1000 


      If you are starting  a mobile business there are a lot of opportunities available. Companies are opening many mobile businesses on customer  demand. First you should  understand the mobile business.  It is  a business  where you provide customers  with your products and services at their can charge a little  bit higher than normal services delivered to clients’ doors. If you add some services  that provide advantages to can build a good mobile business. Flexibility is a major advantage  of mobile business. If you are considering mobile business  ideas,you are aware that Changing landscape opens up opportunities for whole companies  to serve customers on demand. 

      Mobile has a very basic need for people all over the world.everyone uses smartphones. It is an entertainment  medium more than its basic use to connect with others.A good performing mobile shop makes average  profits  of 20%  on daily sales.Firstly make a list of mobile accessories that are commonly  sold in shops. Consider offering related products such as headsets,chargers, cables,memory cards,etc.You can manage to buy and sell .You should have good knowledge  about brand and handsets.It is the best business to start in India.

       We can see how to start a mobile business at Rs 1000.It is in i smart, mobile accessories, will get a special pillow from here to reduce  neck pain.And you will get headsets, Iphone 13 .It is in Tirur market  at cheap rates.we can buy any accessories of mobile wholesale from here. They have a QR code.

      You can buy batteries, charges,all products, etc.This shop has 15 years experience. They implemented  new projects. You can be a part of this shop with Rs 1000 to Rs 2 lakhs.And you can invest and work with them. 

      They started the first v to v mobile applications. You can purchase it easily through QR codes.The mobile application  is  called i smart  kerala .you can buy a new business  through it. You can start a new wholesale  business  with them. 

        You can invest in their business. You can take franchisee delivery of the company. You can deposit Rs 1000 to 2 lakhs .You can purchase here with free delivery. They provide  good services. You can purchase everything from here. You will get full support. 

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