How to solve mobile phone hanging problem  easily


     Mobile phones are very important in our life . It helps efficient communication. It makes your life very easy. It helps to connect to people in any part of the world. You can receive calls and messages by simply pressing a person’s name in your mobile. you can eliminate the need for memorization. Mobiles are especially important during emergency situations. It allows us  to store data. You can store pictures, text messages ,audio and video in your mobile phone. You can carry your files  wherever you go. Mobile phones always have entertainment features also. It helps to play music,record video  and record audio. Mobile phone applications extend the functionality of mobile phones. You can stay in touch with friends,set up meetings, call for immediate help in emergency situations,and secure business deals  with mobile phones.

     Now we can see some mobile phone companies include panic buttons and GPS tracking devices. It helps to reach the responders with just a press of a button. It offers  security and peace of mind. Bluetooth technology helps to wirelessly connect two  phones. You can share information like files,songs ,pictures etc. Mobile phones are very important in child life because it helps to access tools and apps to complete and stay on top of their class work.

     Mobile hanging is a common problem. Too much use of mobile memory is the main reason to get a phone hanged. We can remove all data including songs ,videos and other information from the SD card. Almost every smartphone after prolonged use begins to hang too often.

     Whenever a mobile phone hangs we can’t find out the exact reason immediately. You should avoid downloading heavy applications without checking the RAM. You should close all the background should close the unwanted applications running in the background using task manager. You can download the task manager app from the Play Store.

      Do not use live wallpaper because it affects RAM performance directly. You should use symbol wallpaper. Do not use multiple applications at the same time. Install antivirus software on your mobile. You should clear the cache on a regular basis.

       Mobile applications are downloaded from risky sites that are not trustworthy. Those applications contain viruses and  that is harmful to your phone. These viruses interfere with your phone’s background process and cause your phone to hang up. Continuous usage of mobile phones causes hanging and it may restart.

         You can solve the hanging problem easily . If you want to clear the data from your phone connect to the apps from settings.Thenselect storage option and clear the data. You should uninstall the suspicious applications from your phone. Avoid heavy games and videos from your phone. Do not play for a long period of time it may cause you to hang up the phone.

           You can select the  phone option from settings. Select build number can see a developer option. Put on the developer option.Then select window animation  scale . Put off the window animation scale , animation duration scale and transition animation scale. It helps to on an application within 0.2 seconds. It helps the mobile work smoothly. 

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