How to sharpen the knives, scissors

         Today we can see how to sharpen the knife, scissor, grater in home. Sharpening is the practice of polishing a knife to reform its edge. We can always sharpen a knife.

       Sharpen firstly the right side of the blade. With the tip of the knife at the bottom of the stone push the knife to the top away from us. If your knife is sharp enough a slight drag over the skin of tomato should begin to break the skin. stainless steal knives should sharpen with a steel every 4 uses

      Today we can see some methods to sharpen the knives, scissors. Firstly we can see how to sharpen scissor. We can use a  80 sand paper to it.Sand paper cut in to small pieces with scissor. It helps to sharpen the scissors. Another method is cut the tablet strips.cut the aluminium soil using scissor, it helps to sharpen the scissors.Rub the glass bottle with scissors.

      We can use pumic stones to sharpen the knives. Pumic stones should be slightly moistened and rub with knives. We get knife sharpener in shops.

      Take a ceramic cup and rub in the grater. It helps to sharpen the grater. We can use thick  sand paper and rub it in the grater. It helps to sharpen.

   We can use sand paper to sharpen the slicer.

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