How to select quality tiles for your home

Tiles are usually thin, square covering manufactured from ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay or glass materials. It is used to cover floors ,walls, edges, table tops and roofs. Different sizes of tiles are available in the markets. Different shapes ,patterns, style and colours of tiles are available. Round tiles are a common type of tile that has been growing in popularity. These types of tiles are spaced and attached to mesh backing so it can be installed without any difficulty. These tiles are available in better colour and it is durable.

Mosaic tiles are common in the market. It can be used in a wild variety of locations in our homes. Mosaic tiles are versatile and it can be used to create a range of patterns. Square tiles are easily available tiles in the market. Different sizes of square tiles are available. Some manufacturers have their own non standard size of square tiles available. We can easily work with square tiles. Rectangular tiles are classic subway tiles. These tiles are most frequently used on walls for kitchen and bathroom.

Different grades of ceramic tiles are available in the market . They are Grade One, Grade two ,grade three, grade for and grade 5 .grade 1 tiles are used on walls, Grade 2 are used for homes flooring, grade 3 tiles are used for light to moderate food traffic .grade 4 is used for commercial use, grade 5 tiles are used for heavy foot traffic areas. Different types of tiles are made with distinct processes. They are mixing and blending of raw materials, pressing, glazing and firing.

The most common raw materials are clay, quartz feldspar, pottery stone and silica. If you want to re-flooring your home or renovating your interior. There are a variety of options for floor tiles. Ceramic tiles are durable and affordable tiles. It is highly recommended to group 4 and the group 5 ceramic tiles which are suitable for handling light and medium traffic areas.

Porcelain tiles are denser, stronger than ceramic tiles and these type of tiles are scratch free and stain resistant material. You should use epoxy grouting to these tiles. Vitrified tiles are durable, stainfree, moisture resistant and strong materials. Different varieties of vitrified tiles are available in the market. Double charge vitrified tiles have a two tone colour, full body uniform palette, soluble saltonce, available in different patterns and glazed tiles with additional shine.Other types of tiles are made with natural materials like limestone ,marble, travertine, sandstone etc.

If you want to choose a tile make sure there is minimum wastage during installation of tiles. Otherwise it may cause loss. You should select large sized tiles for living, dining and bedrooms. You can select smaller tiles for kitchen and bathrooms. Largest tiles have less joint lines. You should select glossy finish tiles because it makes an attractive mirror like screen which reflects light and gives a beautiful look to the house. Do not use glossy finished tiles in the kitchen or bathroom because it may cause slippery when wetting.

Mat finished tiles are non reflective and slip assistant materials. It does not show stains easily. You should select a coefficient of friction tiles value of more than 0.6. It provides safety. You can select semi matt finish tiles. It has higher shining and non-slip features. Variety colours and patterns of tiles are available in the market. It can stimulate the look and feel of natural materials like Wood and marble. You should calculate the quantity of tiles that are required for your floor and keep a budget in the time of choosing the floor tiles.

Different types of flooring materials are available. Red oxide,mosaic,marble, granite,tile,wooden floors,etc.Tilws are very popular. Now most of the people use vitrified tiles.Both tiles are made with natural clay.And they added silica to it.vitrification process they use high temperature. It is 1400 °C. But ceramic tiles are made with 600 to 800 °C.vitrified tiles are the better choice.

We can see how to choose vitrified quality tiles for your home.

Most of the customers give importance to design and cost.
Vitrified tiles are different types.GVT,PGVT,nano,double charged tiles are available.
Most of the designs are printed over the tiles. Thickness Vary between different companies.
Double charged tiles have thickened printing.
Full body vitrified tiles have no difference between designs. But it is expensive.
Do not compare full body with double charge tiles or nano tiles.
You should select plane tiles. It is the best choice for tiling. Do not buy glazing tiles.
You should purchase the tiles according to use.
You should select full body/ double charge tiles for the kitchen.
Full body commonly used in Industrial uses.
You should give importance to gripped tiles.
You should select GVT,double charge, full body materials.

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