How to select a best inverter and battery

An inverter converts DC electricity from sources to AC electricity. It can be at required voltage.power inverter is an electronic device that changes DC to AC.Input voltage, output voltage, frequency, power depending on the design of the specific device. It doesn’t produce power.power is provided by DC sources. Power inverter can be an electronic device. Power inverters are used in electrical power applications. Circuits that perform the same function for electrical signals. An interruptible power supply uses batteries. An inverter to supply AC power when main power is not available.

AC power supply is used for all residential, industrial, commercial needs.AC is converted into DC and it is stored in batteries. Whenever AC is needed ,DC is again converted into AC .The inverter can be divided into many types based on output, source and type of load.

If you want to buy an inverter,you should understand some basic functions, capabilities and limitations of the inverter. An independent electric power system is untethered from the electrical utility is vary in size from tiny yard has a storage battery,which absorbs and releases power in the form of DC.DC flows in a single direction. But AC alternates its direction many times per second.

An inverter looks like a box with one or two switches, but inside it has a small universe of dynamic activity.modern home inverter has input voltage that varies 35% and huge variations in output demand .Some inverters provide battery backup charging. Some inverters have a built-in battery charger that will recharge the battery bank whenever power is applied from the AC generator.

Batteries run the inverter. It determines the functionality of the inverter and power supplied to the appliances. Inverters can run for runs for a period of 3 to 8 hours depending on the size of batteries.

How to select an inverter

We can see how to select an inverter and battery.Different types of inverters are available in the market.Different brands are available. They are amaron,luminous,exide,v guard, microtek,okaya, livfast, vestar, voltage, base. local brands are also can select one of them easily.

Sine wave inverter
Two type inverter technologies are available in the market. Sine Wave inverter and square wave inverter. Square wave inverters are less in the market.sine wave inverters provide 50hz output same like electricity. It is very safe doesn’t damage electrical equipment.Do not make noise in the supply.

Square wave inverter is an old technology inverter. many devices get heated up and make humming noise square wave inverters are banned in some countries. You should select a sine wave inverter. Latest inverters have sine wave technology.

Input fuse or reset breakers

You should check the protection of inverters. inverters have various protection facilities.some inverters have inbuilt facilities and some have external devices. You should check the fuse breaker in the backside of the inverter. If there is any short circuit, fuse or breaker necessary to avoid damage.breaker is better than fuse. Because the fuse is very difficult to replace. Most of the brand inverters have a breaker. Fuse replacement may cause shock.

Input and output plug and top

You can select a 3 pin plug,3 pin top power supply input and output system.some inverters have screw devices. do not select these types of inverters.3 pin plug,3 pin top power supply can be disconnected, bypassed and replaced easily.80% models have this facility. The 1kv,2kv home purpose inverter has a 3 pin plug and the top is a better option.

Front panel displays

You should check the display of the should select an analogue display. Because you set an inverter in a hidden area.if it has a digital display, sometimes it is difficult. But in the case of an analogue LED display inverter,you can realise the status of the inverter from 50meters far.You can check the full battery,overload,low battery alarms easily. You can select an analogue +digital display or analogue LED bulb display.

Check the inverter copper or aluminum. Most people do not know about this. You can select any of these inverters.Technology is important. Aluminum has low conductivity and copper has high conductivity. Rare brand has copper winding.


You should check the Service history of the inverter in your should check the service capacity of the brand.service is very essential.


Select the capacity of the inverter. You can select 1kV inverters for a 4 bedroom is the most important marketing inverter .If you need 8 fans you should select more than 1 battery capacity inverter. You can use 4 fans, 10 lights,TV, mixie, computer with a 1kv inverter.

How to select inverter battery

Mainly 3 types of batteries are available in the market.

Flat plate battery
Bed tubular battery
Tall tubular battery
Lithium battery
Dry battery

You should select a high replacement warranty tubular battery. You can select a battery from any company. Warranty is differ from replacement. You should check the service history of the brand .You should check if it has a service center in your location. You should select a tall tubular battery. In this battery it needs low maintenance. It needs to be filled with water once every 1.5 year.Do not select the inverter from the latest brands.

You should check the capacity of the battery. You should check the number of fans working in night .if you select 150 Ah battery you can use 2 fan can work 10 to 12 hours,3 fans can work 7- 9 hours,4 fan can work 4- 6 hours.if you want work 4 fans at8 to 10 hours you can select double battery inverter. You should select the battery according to your usage. You can buy a 1kv inverter with a 150ah tall tubular battery for Rs 18,000 to 25,000.

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