How to save the electricity bill 


      Electricity is a part of electrical power. It is a basic part of nature and the most widely used form of energy. There are mainly two types of electricity : static electricity and current electricity. Static electricity is made by rubbing together two objects and making friction. Current electricity is the flow of electric charge across electrical fields. Electricity is an essential part of our life. We use electricity for heating, cooling, refrigeration and operation of appliances, computers ,Electronics machines etc. We can save electricity. Turn off unnecessary lights , use natural lights,take shorter showers, turn off water when shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth and unplug unused electronic  appliances.

         Turn off the air conditioner.manage thermostat,reduce  heat in the kitchen,hang dry laundry  and wash laundry in cold.Reduce electricity use ,purchase quality  products.your electronic appliances bhas 75% electric consumption.  You can know atheist several plug in products are not using.switch off the unused electrical appliances helps to save electricity. They consume small electricity  adds up to over a long period on your electricity can use small power strips to manage usage the smart way. 

       Power strip deals with these problems not in use electronics draining  energy unnecessarily. You can configure it to shut off when not in use. You can use power strips for this purpose. Minimising use helps you to save money in the long term. 

      To conserve electricity, pool laundry together,do loads at can cut out the dryer . Drying your clothes in the should select more recent  models that provide  best energy  efficiency. It reduces the energy  consumption. Install thermostat to save the cost. Most people consume  electricity  throughout the day. With a thermostat,you can preset your home’s temperature at different  times of the day. If you have a water heater,you can use time to heat it before morning can reduce the need for ac .

        Switch off unnecessary lights when not using it. Use light bulbs with higher wattage,reduce the number of bulbs in each room. Use natural  light,avoid turning on electric lights in the daytime. Install energy efficient light bulbs. CFL bulbs help with between 50 to 80 % less energy  than regular incandescent bulbs. 

        Use small burners while cooking. Reduce the temperature of the refrigerator. Set your refrigerator 37°F,freezer 3° F  to save electricity. Clean the air filters  and replace.Replace old appliances. If you have any electrical  problems,  check the wiring. After the modification, your electrical equipment will perform more efficiently. Use solar  energy. Unplug battery chargers after use. Reduce the television  watching time. 

         Reduce the electricity  usage in the peak time. Peak time is 6pm to 10 pm. Avoid working  motors, ironing,washing machines and working the oven in the peak time. You can save electricity  .You can use peak off hours. Use ISI marked quality  wires for wiring.switch off mobile charger, television, air conditioners. Use five star electronics.  It helps to reduce electricity  bills.

           You should switch on the air conditioner at 26 ° . It is energy saving. Avoid overloading in the washing machine.  Always prefer the front door washing machine. Do not iron at peak time. Always buy quality  fans. Clean the fan well. Change the capacitors of the fan. Do not open the refrigerator  alternatively. Clean the washer of the refrigerator. Clean the switch board using thinner.

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