How to repair television  remotes at home easily 


     Today I would like to inform you about how to repair a television remote easily  at home.In electronics, a remote control  is used to operate electronic devices such as television, DVD set  etc. Remote controls can allow operation  of devices . 

     This remote works in a similar way . But often when this remote control breaks down we usually buy a new one. This is a common practice in homes with children.

     But we can repair it at home without buying a new remote.Firstly you need to check if the remote IR LED is working. We can check it with the camera in our mobile phone.

     After opening the camera on the mobile phone, you can see if the infrared is working by pressing the remote ON  button. If the IR LED is working it will blink in red colour,

      Similarly we can check the voltage of the battery we are using remotely with the multimeter. To do this the multimeter must be switched into DC voltage. Open the remote and clean everything inside.

       We can clean the PCB board with spray or kerosene.Mainly found on the remote are ic chips,resistor,capacitor, infrared LED. IC ,Resistors are usually not compliant,let us  put the multimeter in continuity mode and test the infrared LED. The metre reading should not come when the probe is replaced and checked.

      Next we can see any cuts on the tracks on the board. To do this you can put the track on the multimeter in bazaar mode and then check the continuity. If the continuous does not show it is clear that there is a cut somewhere. 

        Clean that track with a knife. It can then be joined with a soldering iron.Then check the continuity.Then reset the remote.Check if the IR LED is working. This way we can fix the damaged remotes.

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