How to remove hair from the face easily

                    Excess hair growth can be treated easily.Hirsutism is the excessive hair growth on face. It always affects in women.The symptoms of hirsutism  include erratic menstruation, oily skin and pimples.

          Hormonal imbalances is blamed for this condition. Obesity,rapid weight gain,intake of steroids hereditary medical conditions affect adrenal gland,PCOS.

         We can remove hair from face naturally. Mix 2 tablespoon of sugar and lemon juice,water,apply on the face.We can remove facial hair permanently through electrolysis. Mix rice flour,turmeric powder,milk and apply everyday.

      We can remove facial hair without pain.It has no side effects.


Sugar  – 3 tsp

Lemon juice  – ½ 

         Take 3 tsp of sugar,½ lemon juice.Add ½ glass of water and boil it.Mix well .Stir it continuously. Put off the flame.This mixture transfer to another plate .Mix well .We get this as wax form.Apply powder to the face and  stick this wax above the powder.Stick a nice cotton cloth over it.Quickly pull it to the opposite direction of hair growth.We get a good result.

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