How to remove dark circles around the eyes       

          Today I would like to inform you about a home remedy to remove dark circles around  the eyes.It is a common problem.  The main causes of dark circles around the eyes are lack of sleep, fatigue, allergies, excessive exposure of sunlight. Due to lack of iron in the diet causes dark circles. Avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

          We can remove dark circles  easily. Getting adequate  sleep.Applying cold compresses.  Mix a teaspoon of tomato  juice and lemon juice and apply under the eyes. After 10minutes wash with normal water.

       Massages around the eyes improve the blood circulation  and reduce the dark circles. Take vitamin K in the diet. Eat watermelon,green leafy vegetables, beet root, papaya,vitamin E rich foods. Avoid stress.Avoid excessive  reading,watching TV. Think positively. Avoid exposure to sunlight.

      Take 2 coconut grated and grind well. Take the first and second milk from it. Pour little water.Take a carrot and grate well. Add this grated carrot to the coconut milk. Then add one orange peel.After 15 minutes, take a kadai/cheenachatti  and pour this mixture to it. Then stir well.After 15 minutes  put off the flame. Filter the oil and squeeze the  mixture.

       We can apply this oil around the eyes. Massage well.After 30 minutes wash well. Take a piece of potato and grate well. Take juice from it . Apply around the eyes and go to sleep. You can wash in the morning.  It is a very useful tip. 

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