How to reduce the current bill of air-conditioners 

      Today I would like to inform you about how to reduce the current bill of air-conditioners.  It is getting hotter everyday. None of the fans seem to reduce ourheat. That is why air conditioning is used  in every home . Air conditioner is good. But we  get  large electricity bills . But let’s see how to reduce electricity bills even with air conditioners.

       Air conditioner helps in removing heat and controlling the humidity of the air within our room. It gives a more comfortable interior environment. It makes our room cool and breezy. In hot weather we use the air conditioner all night long. The current bill will increase accordingly.

     Today I would like to introduce to you an air conditioner that comes with a very low electricity bill even after 6 hours of continuous use. The current bill will be less than just two units. This air conditioner is called Dual inverter air conditioner.  This air  conditioner is from the LG brand.

       We will get a 10 year compressor warranty, 5 year PCB warranty, 1 year comprehensive  warranty  for this air conditioner.  We can check the usage of electricity from this ac. We can use wipro smartplug. We can connect this ac to the 16A plug.

       We can connect this ac to the smart plug 16 A using wipro next smart home. We can turn off and on the air conditioner  using this application.  We can check it after 6 hour.

       We can set the automatic  off options.  Its electric  consumption  is 680.58/year. The price of this air conditioner  is Rs 30,000. 

       We will get a true RMS meter.  We can check the units.It is an inverter air conditioner. 

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