How to reduce electricity  bills

      Today I would like to inform you about how to reduce electricity  bills. We are all at home during this lock down. Therefore it is possible that there will be an increased current bill. There are those who sit at home and work through the internet. Therefore  it will be a chance the current bill  will double.

     But we can control the current will yourself. Today I want to share with you  how to  reduce the current bill. We can check the current  bill.  Firstly we need to know how much current will be charged to our home appliances.

     In this hot season mostly we  use the fan. The fan takes only a small amount of electricity, but we use a lot of time so it gives us a lot of current charges. It is the number one appliance for large electricity  charges.

      The second  most charged electricity in our home is the refrigerator.  Third one is a motor pump. Fourth one is lights, Fifth one is an induction  cooker and sixth one is an iron box. Seventh one is television,  eight one is mobile charger. 

      We can make a calculation about the electricity charge. One fan takes 80 watts.  Old fan takes 100  watts because  of its damages.  Suppose two fans are running for 10 hours. Totally 1600watts/day. You can calculate based on the number  of fans in your home.

         Next is the refrigerator.  The charge of the refrigerator  is 100 watts/hour. It has 1000 watts. Next is the motor pump. Its charge is 500watts/15mts,LED bulbs charge is 5 watts /hrs. Suppose 10 bulbs  are running for 5 hours.So LED bulbs have 500 watts.

          The charge of the induction  cooker is 600watts/30 mts. The charge of the iron box is 200 watts/15 mts, The charge of television  is 200watts/2hr. The charge of a mobile charger  is  20 watt/2 hour. 

      Total charge is 4600 watts/day. The total charge of one month is 138000 watt/138 units. Two months we will get 276 units The total current charge is 276 ×5 = 1380 units.

       Buy VLDC invert technology  fans. It helps to reduce your electricity  bills.  We can use solar motor pumps also . It will reduce electricity  bills.  Buy remote control fans. We can use solar inverters. 

    If you have any doubt about solar technology 

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