How to reduce electricity bill using 5 kw solar panels

         Let us see how to setup a 5 KW ongrid system on a surface at an angle of 30°.On grid solar system is a solar power system which is connected to grid.The extra power is exported to the grid .It go through energy meter.Energy exported is calculated and electric bill is reduced.

      This system includes solar panels, grid junction box,conditioner, inverter,mounting structure, wiring.This system gives  power only when grid supply is on.

          5kw includes 5760w panels.3 unit  power additionally produced.The shadow of the handle should not fall on the panel when making the handle.There is totally 18 panels. The part where the sheet is cut and taken out,close with quality materials. 

          2 strings cable,earthing cable are seen.Obey the KSEB rules. DC combined box,inverter,AC DB,solar meter,isolator ,Net meter are the parts of this connection. We can see the total production in the solar meter. Isolator is used to turn off the inverter current going to KSEB. We can set a pipe to wash the panel.Galvanise structure is used.

      We can use applications about this production. We can see monthly and yearly production.It decreases electricity bill .The total cost of this system is 3-3.5 lakhs.

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