How to prevent hair fall with black cumin seeds hair pack

    Today I would like to introduce a useful tip for hair loss.It is black cumin ( karinjeerakam) jel.We will get a 100 %result  from this tip.This is very useful tip for those who have a lot of  hair loss. This  will help the hair to grow back even if the scalp is exposed .It has no side effects.

    Today we can introduce  a hair pack with black cumin cumin reduces hair loss. It nourishes and strengthen hair follicles. To promote healthier new growth and soften the hair.

     black cumin  oil is used to fight hair fall. It helps to Regrowth of hair. It prevents the hair from falling off. This oil is a safe and  natural way to regrow hair. Black cumin oil gives required nutrients and increase our hair growth. It nourishes our scalp and increases our  hair growth.

    We get a good result within 5 days.It helps to grow black hair.


Black cumin seeds  – 1 tsp

Aloevera  –  2 tsp

      Before apply this hair pack,detangling.and apply hair oil. After 10 minutes apply this hair pack to the scalp. Massage well and after 10 minute rinse with normal water.

       Take 1 tsp of black cumin seeds soaked  in a bowl for 1 hour. Grind this black cumin with this water in a mixer jar. Take this liquid in a bowl and boiled  on gas. Use only a little water. Boil for 5 minutes and set aside.After cool this liquid add2 tsp  aloe vera.Mix well and apply to the scalp. Use this pack twice a week.

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