How to pedicure feet at home

      Today we can see how to clean our feet.We should daily wash our feet to keep them clean.It is very essential. Because clean feet is the sign of neatness. Always clean our feet with nail brush. Use foot scrubber for heels.Gently pat your feet dry.

         Avoid alcohol containing lotions. Soak our feet and use pumice stones to gently exfoliate off dead skin.We can use Epsom salts  to soak. We can apply petroleum jelly and over with cotton feets.Lemon is the natural bleaching agent. We can squeeze a lemon and rub a few drops .After 15 minutes wash it off with normal water.It helps to lighten our skin.

      Today we can see how to pedicure our feet.Take  boiled water in a basin .Add 2 tsp salt,½ lemon juice, 1 pack shampoo to it. Mix well.  Dip the feet in this water. Rub the feet with this lemon . We can clean nail with nail cutter.

         Clean the feet with pumice stone.  It helps to remove dead skin. Then we can scrub the feet with a scrubber. Take a bowl.Add 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp seaweed, 1 pinch of turmeric  powder, 2 tsp yogurt. Mix well and scrub well.wash well.

      Take a bowl. Add  1 tsp coffee powder,½ tomato juice, ½ lemon juice,2 tsp yogurt.  Mix well. Apply and massage well. Wash well with normal water. After  sometimes we can apply a moisturizer.

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