How to pay KSEB bill using Google pay


        Google pay is a  digital wallet platform. It is an online payment system developed by can purchase things can make payments with Android can make quick and easy purchases with your phone.It allows customers to make payments in your app using credit or debit card saved to Google account. It simplifies the process of money transfer through their website. It helps to simplify money transfer transactions. It helps users make payments in stores that accept UPI based transactions. 

      Now most of the people are sending and receiving money online. Google pay has a lot of amazing  features. Entire concern of receiving money in wallets and transferring into the bank account has been eliminated. Google pay helps to simplify the process of money transfer through websites.Its transactions are instant. You can receive and send money directly from bank accounts. You can do highly secure transactions through Google can do small or big transactions. 

      Google pay application is available in eight Indian languages. It provides multiple payment options. The users can transact through their mobile numbers. Google pay has scratch card facilities. It provides lucrative cash backs and offers .These cash backs directly credited to your bank account. 

      Google pay is more customized, hugely eases the entire process of money  transfer in our country. It helps the entrepreneurs to connect directly with customers and provides amazing can receive payments upto Rs 50,000 from customers for free.

       It has a unique cash mode.It helps the users to transfer money to other Google pay users without entering bank account details. It saves time and effort. It can lead to higher cart conversations. It helps to send and receive money to and from friends and family members.

      You can use Google pay for online payments, in-app purchases, contactless payments in can download train tickets onto can download it simply from playstore.

How to download Google pay

  • Download Google pay application from Google play store
  • Open the Google pay app
  • Add credit or debit card
  • Click get start button 
  • Select payment method 
  • Take a photo of your card/enter information 
  • Google verify you 
  • Set a pin number.

      You can use Google pay application to store your passes ,account card and travel tickets in one place. Open the Google Play application and the tap passes on the bottom tab. It can automatically pull in account details from email. You can add apasts to it. It is available on all modern Android phones.

      It is a very useful app. It can be used for paying bills,transferring money, mobile recharging, etc.paying KSEB bill also possible through Google should install the application on your mobile.register your account and link your bank account. Then you can pay KSEB bill through Google pay application. 

     If you are a first time Google pay user,you will get Rs 21 cashback after the first should link the consumer number with  Google pay application. 

How to link consumer number  with Google pay app

  • Open Google pay application 
  • Select bill option from business and bills option.
  • Select electricity 
  • Select KSEB
  • Enter consumer number in the link account option.
  • Enter the name.
  • Then Select link account option. 
  • You can pay KSEB bills for more than one house.
  • You can verify the information.
  • Payment may take upto 3 working days.
  • Select the link account 
  • You can see your electricity bill.
  • Select pay bill option 
  • On the location 
  • Enter UPI number 
  • Click the tick mark.
  • Wait and see the payment confirmation. 
  • You will get a notification from KSEB. 

How to pay KSEB bill

  • Open Google pay application 
  • Log into your account 
  • Select KSEB bill payment option 
  • Select new payment button 
  • Select bill payment button 
  • Select electricity 
  • Select KSEB from the list
  • Do not want to enter a consumer  number. 
  • You can see the bill payment on the screen.
  • You can see due amount and bill number 
  • Select pay button 
  • Select payment mode
  • Select proceed to pay button 
  • Enter the UPI pin.
  • Pay the electricity  bill.

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