How to make water purifier  with pots at home

      Today I would like to inform you about how to make a water purifier at home. Water purifier is used to remove  impurities such as rust, pesticides, heavy metals,arsenic etc from water. These are harmful for our body. It spoils the taste of water. We can use a water purifier  to remove these materials  from water to make healthy and tasty water.

       Boiling kills bacteria and viruses from the water,it doesn’t remove dissolved  impurities. It only removes the physical  impurities in the water. Dissolved impurities  may cause serious diseases such as cholera,hepatitis  A and B,cancer, typhoid. But it is very expensive.  Its price is Rs 15,000.

       Now we can see how to make a water purifier  at home.Drink plenty of water. It helps to reduce cholesterol, sugar. Maintain a healthy body.  So we can make cold water purifiers  at home. 

         We can make a water purifier  with two pots .Take a pot. Make a hole using a concrete nail. Do not use a drilling machine.It may cause cracks.

       Take some cotton and  make a layer inside the pot. Then put a layer of sand inside the pot.sand should be washed with hot water and put inside the pot. Then place ramacham (vetiver) above the sand.

Then place metals above the ramacham. 

        Then take another pot. We can use the top of the bottle as a tap. Make a hole  on the side of the pot. The size of the hole same as the top of the bottle. Then insert the top of the bottle into the hole.  Then use the M seal to attach the tap in the pot. 

      Then place a cloth above the second  pot and place the first  pot above it.  We can pour water in the pot.  We will get filtered water. 

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