How to make vitamin c oil

         Vitamin  c is one of the most skin care component. It can help to heal blemishes, reduce hyperpigmentation, and glow to the skin. It contains  anti microbial and antioxidants and helps to brighten the skin. We can used this oil before moisturizer. We can apply this oil during the night time.It helps as a shield to deflect pollution. 

        It protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.Vitamin deficiencies of our body can cause adverse effects on the skin.It treats acne scars. It can prevent brown spots.It promotes collagen,fights off free radicals.

         Let’s see how to make vitamin c serum . Thick orange peel is best to  do this oil. Grate the orange peels using a grater.Take a bowl a d put this orange peel in it.Add olive oil/ almond oil. Mix well and double boil it 10 minutes.After 10 minutes flame off and wait to cool. Then filter it. We can keep this oil in a bottle. We can apply this oil to our face,body.

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