How to make tasty soft parotta

      Today I would like to inform you about how to make soft parotta. Parotta is a favourite food of all keratitis. We always buy porotta from shops.  It is a subcontinent layered flat bread . It is made from maida or atta. We can make tasty parotta at home. 

    Today we can see how to make tasty parotta. This method is the same as hotels.we should add 2 eggs,1 glass milk ,1 spoon ghee to the flour. It will give  variety  taste to the porotta. Mix the flour with these ingredients and water. Parota is usually made one or two hours after kneading the porota flour. Because it softens the parota.


Yogurt  – ½ cup

Baking soda –  ½ spoon

 Maida –   4 cup 

Salt – as need 

sugar –  2 tsp 

Egg  – 1

Ghee – 1 tsp 

Water  – ¾ cup 

      Take ½ cup of yogurt. Add ½ tsp baking  soda to it. Mix well. Then take 4 cup (½ kg)of maida. Add 2 tsp sugar and salt as needed to it.Mix well. Add 1 egg ,1 tsp ghee to get tasty.  Mix yogurt to the flour. Mix well. Add normal water to it. Then knead the flour for 10 minutes.

       We will get smooth flour.  Pour a  little oil and close with a wet cloth for 20 minutes. Make small balls.pour oil to the balls.  Take a bowl . Add 4 tsp sunflower  oil and 2 tsp ghee. Mix well. 

       Spread the flour  lightly by hand. Then spread with chapati tool. Apply little  oil to it  . Spread maida and take it. Roll the balls like porota. Then spread the  balls. Use a pan to make parotta.Then knead by hand. We will get a soft and tasty paratha .

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