How to make soft chapati from liquid dough

      Today I would like to inform you a new form  of chapati. Commonly we take a large bowl and stir together whole wheat flour, water and salt, and make a soft dough. It is a common food in India.  It is a type of roti made with whole wheat flour.

          It contains soluble fibre. It helps to reduce cholesterol level, prevents Constipation.  Daily eating chapati increases our haemoglobin  level. It contains phosphorus, calcium,magnesium, etc  . It decreases the blood sugar level.

     But it is hard to make chapati. Today I would like to introduce a variety method to make soft chapati.It is a liquid chapati dough.


Wheat flour / maida   – 1 cup


Sugar  – 1 tsp

Water   – 2 cup

Oil- ½ tsp

     Take a bowl. Add 1 cup  of wheat flour, 1 tsp sugar and salt as needed.Mix well and add 2 cup of water.Mix well .Add ½ tsp. Place the  pan in low flame. Pour 2 tablespoon of flour in to the pan.Turn the dough over with a spatula.

     Press the dough with spatula.We get a puffy chapati without oil. We did not add baking soda.It is very soft and tasty.

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