How to make natural aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species. Aloe vera is a natural product used in the field of cosmetology. Aloe vera plant has been known for centuries for its beauty,medicinal and skin care properties. It has been used for medicinal purposes. Aloe vera plant has triangular flush leaves. Each leaf is composed of three layers. Inner player Jelly half contains 99% water. It is made with glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins. The middle layer is bitter yellow sap. Contains glucose sides and anthraquinones. The outer thick layer has a protective function. Aloe vera contains 75 potential constituents. Vitamins, salicylic acids, amino acids,sugars,saponins, minerals,enzymes etc. Aloe vera contains vitamin A, C and E. And also it contains vitamin B12,folic acid,and choline. It contains alias, Alkaline phosphatase, amylase, bradykinase, catalase, carboxypeptidase,cellulase, lipase,etc. Bradykinase helps to reduce excessive inflammation. It contains calcium, Selenium,Magnesium,Copper, chromium, manganese, sodium, zinc and magnesium.It provides monosaccharides and polysaccharides.

It has healing properties. It helps to increase collagen content of the wound. It protects the effect against radiation damage to the skin. It increases intestinal water conduct and stimulates mucus secretion. It increases intestinal peristalsis. It has a moisturizing and anti-aging effect. It has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It helps to treat canker sores. It reduces constipation and improves skin and prevents wrinkles. You can use it for treating skin injuries. You can use aloe vera as a topical medication rubbing it on to the skin. It helps to treat sores particularly burns.

Aloe vera is effective in killing the plaque producing bacterium in the mouth. It is used as a remedy for diabetes. It enhances insulin sensitivity and helps to improve blood sugar management. The oral use of aloe vera may cause stomach cramps or diarrhea. It can help moisturize skin. Applying a small amount of aloe vera to the face can help to treat various skin conditions like Eczema,acne and sunburn . It promotes healthy hair growth. Apply pure Aloe Vera Gel to pigmented areas before bedtime and the Rince using warm water the next morning.

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We are introduced to a woman entrepreneur. She is the founder of handmade cosmetics. We can see how to make Aloe Vera Gel easily. We can collect Aloe Vera Gel from original aloe vera plants. One bottle has Rs 200. We can use this gel on our face and hair. We can add this gel to the face pack.Do not use yellow gel from the alovera.

How to make natural aloe vera gel

Cut the aloe vera
Clean it well with water
Take flesh from it.
Cut into pieces and get in to a glass
Add distilled water
Mix well
Grind it well
Add 4 drops of phenoxyethanol
You will get natural aloe vera gel.

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