How to make money easily – 3 Japanese  tricks, Ken honda


         Many people  lost their  jobs because  of covid 19. Money is very important in our life.we use money to exchange goods and services. Our money transactions can fit into giving money,taxes, debt,lifestyle and savings in our life. We can make money through  different ways. Monetize our social media presence, complete  the online surveys,build affiliate websites,sell products,etc.

      We start blogs. Blogging is rising to become a very popular platform to earn money from home. We can write almost anything you have knowledge about.  We can buy and sell stocks everyday. It is the way of making profit by harnessing the fluctuations of stock prices.

     A housewife can earn money through selling handmade products online,writing, child tutor,make up works,online surveys,making cakes, data entry,etc.

       Today we can see how to make money . Here are some Japanese  tips to become rich.  Money is everything  in our life. Ken Honda was a famous writer.  He writes about his financial  experience  in his writings. His writings include finance  and personal  development, how to create personal  wealth and happiness  through self analysis. 

        He writes about how he has been helping people create a new relationship with money for the past 25 years in Japan. He wrote a book. My money is the combined wisdom of many of his mentors and his own observations. 

       His wisdom, intelligence, achievement, success combined  with his spirituality ,love,compassion  make him the perfect person to bring healing and happiness.

       His father is an accountant.  He used  money with fear.we can see our life with different perspectives. Even in his childhood Ken noticed the difference  between happy and unhappy money.when you adjust your perspectives  of money you can see it as positive and negative flows based on the energy receiving and spending  your money.

      When you receive  and spend  money well you have a happy life. Ken impacted millions with his message.He saw a lady . She asked for his purse and told him his purse  was crying. And told him money can make you smile and cry depending on how the money you used. Money is energy.  Don’t see money through  our wisdom.  Japanese  see money as an emotional  concept. 

       You should give money  to poor people. It gives you energy.  You should respect money,and in return your money will respect you,you love money.  Happy money is the weapon of the Japanese.  Japanese  have 3 secrets.  Money energy, love money,and gratitude are the three secrets. 

      You change the way you are doing something. Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. Be happy with what you have. Love money is spending most of the time doing what we love. 

       Be thankful for what you have. You have no idea how many people  would love to have. Always thankful for the money. It will increase your energy.  

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