How to make beautiful candles at home easily 


         Candles are an ignitable wick  embedded in wax, it provides light ,heat and fragrance. A person who makes a candle is called Chandler. We can hold candles with simple table tops called candle sticks. A heat source is used to light the candle’s wick,it melts and evaporates small amounts of fuel. This fuel combines with oxygen to ignite and form flame. It provides sufficient heat to keep the candle burning.

       The heat of the flame melted to the top of the solid fuel. As the wax is melted and burned, the candle becomes shorter. Before the invention of lighting,candles and oil lamps were used for illumination. Now candles are used mainly for their aesthetic value and scent to set soft ambience, for emergency lighting during electrical power failure and religious purposes.

    Candles are a fabulous addition to our home decoration. It provides our living space with a charming touch. Candles have a distinctive place in our society and it represents an incredible link into our provides messages of passion, security ,Romance  hope, spirituality and Mystery.

     We can make candles easily in our home. Candles provide warmth and  light to every space and it makes our home feel cozier. There are many types of candles.They all contain three components such as wax ,wick,and container. You can start a business with candle making. If you want to start this business, first prepare an area where you will be making your candle. And cover the surface with newspaper.

     After making the first candle you will get more adventurous and make different types of candles. Always select appropriate wax and wick for candle making. You should make  good quality candles cleanly and slowly. You should make a business plan. Take the proper licence of permits and insurance . Decide where to sell your goods. Find funding for your business. Find candle supplies and start marketing your candle.

      When a candle is good, it helps you distress and add decorative flair. If you want to start a business with candle making, you will want to brush up the basics of how to make a good candle and develop a few signature senses. Making candles is a creative process. The process of creating a business plan improves invaluable throughout the life of your business.

     Good business plan contains several terms that can help keep your business on the right track and show your value to potential investors. Having a business plan will make growing your business easier and helps to introduce important details of your business to others. You will want to double check that your business name is actually available before moving forward. You should confirm your business name available with your secretary of website to see if it is currently in use or not.

     Check Google and Trademark search for your business name. It helps to ensure that you can reserve the  domain name and social media handles. You should consult a business attorney for help. When you start a business you will have to ensure you are obtaining proper licence ,insurance and permits.

     If you want to start small and sell your candles to local boutique owners.once your business begins to grow ,you can save a lot of money by buying supplies in bulk from wholesale. 

      We can see how to make candles at home.we need wax granules for it. We can buy it from the market. It is an important raw material for this business. Cotton thread is another raw material. We need one set of mold for it.we can clean mold with oils. Toe the thread in the center of the  slots of the molds.screw the two molds and tight the screws to prevent the leakage of wax.

       Take 4 cups of wax granules in a can use low flame to can pour it into the mold.wait for minutes and then fill it again.provide setting time to set and cut the threads . Dip the mold into a bucket of water to cool .Then cut the threads .And unscrew the mold . You can see the can also start this business.  

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