How to make a natural shampoo

       Many of us use a variety of artificial shampoos. But all of them are harmful to our hair.Artificial shampoos includes chemicals like sulfates,PEG,triclosan,retinyl palmitate etc.It can cause life threatening danger like cancer to hormone imbalance. And also it may cause memory loss, skin allergy,hairless. 

          But prolonged periods of not washing can cause damaging hair.It may cause itchy dandruff.  Today I want to introduce you how to make natural shampoo.


Soap nut powder(Aritha powder)  – 1 tsp

      Take 1 tsp of Aritha powder  and add 1 tsp of water .Mix well and apply to the hair.It has no side effects.We can apply to the scalp.It prevents hair fall.It is a simple hair shampoo.

It will help to remove dirty and dandruff from our hair.

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