How to make a lot of flowers on Roses

              Roses are very attractive  flowers. Rose gardens are very beautiful  to see. It has a pleasant smell and it provides a pleasant  mind. It is the prettiest flowers in the world .All people like Rose’s very much. 

            But some Roses are not flowering well . Because the use of high nitrogen foods. Insects eat the little buds causes the flowers will perish.

           Today I want to introduce  some tips to make a lot of rose flowers.Cut the stems at an angle .It causes blooms well. We can use the home made fertilizers. Collect the grass clippings ,kitchen scraps,tree leaves,egg shells,banana peels.Banana contains phosphorus, it will help blooming.

           Watering regularly. Three fertilizers  are needed for Rose’s. Check the PH of your soil .Roses will grow with PH falling 6.5.Cut off the dead branches. Simple soap oil spray is best . Add 1 teaspoon  of vegetable oil,liquid soap,cup of water.And spray on leaves and stems. Wash off after few hours.

          If the rose have black spot, add 2 tablespoon  of baking soda and soap oil spray and apply to the leaves and stem.

         Beef washed water can be poured in the rose plant monthly.  We can use the vegetable waste . It helps to bloom the rose well.

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