How to make a beautiful  design with tailoring threads


     Tailoring  is an art of designing, cutting,fitting, and finishing  clothes. Every house has a tailoring machine. It emphasizes more on the style and sewn as per fitting and body measurements. Professional tailoring improves  your appearance. It is an important  aspect of a fashion designing  course. They have some knowledge of sewing as well.Most people do not realize that tailoring key points ,save money and look like a million bucks.Normally a tailor sews, joins,finishes.othing etc.

       They may create new pieces of clothing from patterns,designs  to fit customers  better.A tailor who keeps up with current trends and styles is invaluable. Sewing threads are very important.  These are special kinds of yarns. It passes through  a sewing machine rapidly. It delivers aesthetic and performance in stitches . Threads are made out of cotton,identity,nylon,silk materials.

         Cotton threads are used for patchwork and quilting.It gives desired shape to garments.Today we can see an idea with threads. We can try hand embroidery with thread designed for a sewing machine. We can attach this to our courier,shall,kids clothes. We can make tassels from these threads. We can select the colour of the thread as you wish.

        Cut the threads fully .Open full threads and we can make 4 layers from it. Make a tie on one side of a layer. Take a  cheap and clean it. Take a button and stitch with these is tassel. We can attach it with our churidars. 

      Another idea is to make a tie in the middle of the threads. Make a flower shape with these threads. Correct the sides with a scissor. Attach a pearl in the middle of this flower. We can stitch it in the center of churidars.

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