How to link Unique thandaper number to the adhar number 


      As per the  land holding limits, an individual can hold a maximum 7.5 acre. A family of 2 to 5 members can own a maximum of 15 acre. Families with more than 5 members can hold a maximum of 20 acre. Pokkuvaravu or  mutation of property is a process of changing the title ownership of a property from one person to another. The new owner can get property records on his name in the land revenue department. When selling a property you should submit a copy of the latest mutation to the buyer. It is an essential process in all legal transactions involving land. And also property details will be updated in the revenue records. Mutation of property is essential proof of ownership.

     First you should complete the registration process of the property and you will get the sale deed from the sub registrar office. Then fill the application form and submit it to the village office with documents. Original deeds have to be produced to respective authorities in the village office. The village officer will do physical verification. Surveyor will verify property boundaries and after proper verification the village officer will change the name of the property. New owner can pay the Tax under the new thunderper in his name at the village office.

     You will get a unique thandaper and link to the aadhar number. You should link your aadhar number to the thandaper.Thandaperu is the revenue record of property in kerala.It is given to property owners in kerala to pay annual property tax. Thandaper number is a unique number that helps the authorities of the revenue department to identify the total land in possession by a person. 

      It is essential while paying property taxes in Kerala. Thundaper number is 13 digit unique number. It will be issued to the land owner once the aadhar  is linked. If you want to get a Thandaper certificate , you should submit the application to the village officer along with the details of the property.First you should register the title deed in the registrar office . Then change the ownership  in the village office. 

      You should inform your old thandaper number at the time of new land registration.  So you should  link the adhar card to the thandaper  number. It helps to know about  all the details  of the lands. According  to section  82, every person should  have a limit of land. 

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