How to lasts longer LED TV without complaint

        Today we can see how to last longer  LED tv without complaint. LED Tv s functions more like computer. It offers high resolution video and audio quality.

         In LED tv’s screen should be LCD type. But it has LED bulbs are using for back light. We can use this tv for long time. It has 3 type of panels.VA panel, IPS panel and hard panel. 

         There are many differences between the performance of technologies. In VA panel, good clarity in the center view . Low clarity in the side view. In hard panel, we get good clarity from center and side view. In IPS panel, we get thick panel. Its side view is 178.

       Always take high quality material from branded materials. It is best to keep the Tv on the wall. Because it is light weighted. Do not place the Tv in direct sunlight or in moisture place.

       Do not cover while watching Tv. When turning off the TV, turn off the plug in only after first turning off the remote.Do not use TV continuously. 

       Many people who are using LED Tvs, has fear about breaking.Try not to let the ants get inside the TV. Plug off and remove  while lightening.Remove the cable replace at a distance of 1m.

                      In fluctuation area, you should use stabilizer.Use TV less brightness.  Microchips are used in LED TV. Therefore it is more likely to be damage.

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