How to keep  the bathroom smell good


      Every person wants to have sweet inhaling smells around them.smells have constantly pulled in people and they strive to discover smells that make us more alluring. Good perfumes are enhancing our moods. It helps to lift our spirits. Perfumes are very popular .Because it Can help beat stress and cure insomnia. Perfumes are used for fragrance.It helps keep unwanted body odors at bay and endures good smell throughout the day.A good perfume boosts our confidence.  It can work wonders for our personality.

     The bathroom and kitchen are very difficult to clean. No matter how clean the bathroom is ,it can get dirty  quickly.we introduce you a new tip to get rid of germs and spread good odors in the bathroom. Applying this paper will make your bathroom smell like  perfume.

     Mainly we need to dilute the camber and grass oil in a little water and put it in a bottle and spray it to the bathroom.It helps to remove bad odors in the bathroom. We can use pulthylam and camphor to this tip. 

         Camphor is used to treat pain,cold sores, hemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis.And it has antibacterial,anti inflammatory  and anti fungal  properties. It has a strong odor. Pulthylam (lemongrass Essential oil) is a powerful oil with citrus scent. Mainly it is used in soaps,perfumes, is an extraction from stalks and leaves of lemon grass plant. It gives a good smell to the bathroom. 

       Open the windows of the bathroom.put this spray to the bathroom.keep your bathroom smelling fresh is to place lemon slices in the special  attention to the floor around the toilet .keep the sink free of standing water  shed hair etc.keep the room fresh with natural odor can add fragrance to your bathroom  without harsh sprays. 

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