How to install  wall stickers at low cost 


     Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful  house at low cost. No decorative work can be done due to financial  difficulties during  house construction. All of this has a lot of costs. After a while we try to make the house beautiful. We can quickly  replace the dirt on the walls of the house. We can make the walls more beautiful at a cost of Rs 400.

    Wall stickers are vinyl stickers that are fixed to a wall for decoration. Wall decals are cut with a vinyl cutting machine. It usually refers to an adhesive  product.  We can simply peel off the backing paper before sticking it on a cool place .Wall stickers are made with different  materials,they are printed on pvc vinyl.

     Wall stickers are made from eco-friendly materials.  It creates a bright  ambiance in the room. We can remove it and reuse it again. Today we can see how to make our kitchen more beautiful. We can change its outlook. We can modify the old kitchen with Wall tiles.

     Level the table top of the kitchen with Cement and then we can paste the wall stickers. Clean the surface of the wall before pasting it. First we can see how to paste Wall stickers.we can buy it online. It’s price is Rs 193/roll.we can stick this Wall sticker vertically to the wall.Firstly cut the sticker.Then stick it on the wall.It is a thin material.  So it may be projected. Be careful to stick it on the wall.

       We can stick the table top. We can use rexin and fix to the edges of the tiles. Otherwise it may be damaged due to the sharpness of tiles.we can buy separate wall stickers for table tops.Its price is Rs 203/roll. It is a  plastic coated, glossy finished wall sticker. Remove the air bubbles and stick it clearly. It is very beautiful. 

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