How to get rid of cockroaches  and ants easily


     Today I would like to inform you about how to get rid of cockroaches and ants.  Cockroaches and ants are very common in our homes. But what happens if the number of these increases? It is very difficult for us. We think we have to destroy  them.

     But there is an important reason why these are so prevalent in our homes.Main reason for this is the lack of cleanliness. Dirty dishes in the sink,crumbs on the floor,pet food on the floor, excess moisture  in our homes,are the main causes.

     Cockroaches  are hard to get rid of. Cockroaches  are dangerous  as an allergen source. It carries  bacteria  and causes illness. Clean the home regularly  and maintain a neat and tidy home.

     Ants also invade our house because of sugars and uncovered foods.

       We can do some natural remedies  to get rid of cockroaches  and ants. We can use peppermint  oil,cypress oil. These insects hate the smell of bay leaves.

      We can make a solution of 50 -50 vinegar and water  and spray it. We can make a solution  of pepper and water. Spray it near the areas.we can use salt solution  and spraying it directly on the ants.

        Take one teaspoon of shampoo and mix with a little  water,add 3 tsp vinegar. Then mix well. Then pour it into a spray bottle. It  can be  sprayed  where there are more ants and cockroaches.  It is a very useful idea to get rid of cockroaches  and ants.

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